from a passion, a bad purchase and an idea

The origins of UNISEX-HEELS actually go back to the end of the 90s.

Back then, I bought a pair of platform heels in the USA for my partner through an online auction house that was almost unknown at the time.

When they arrived, I unfortunately found out that they were the wrong size - because the conversion between American and European shoe sizes is not easy (and admittedly - I still have to look at the conversion table).

But what should I do now with the non-fitting shoes??? Quite simple: I offered them again at the same online auction house in Germany. I was amazed that they were sold after a short time - and even with profit.

...and that's when I sensed an opportunity: I became a "repeat offender", bought another three pairs of shoes in the USA, which I sold again, and then another ten pairs, and so in the early 2000s I opened my first own online store as a sideline; at that time under the name hotshoes-online.de.

Then I got a first request "do you have these shoes in size 45 too?"

...wow, "what a big gal" I thought to myself at first. But quickly I figured out that it was not a woman but a man who had inquired. And yes, I was able to get the plus size.

I quickly recognized the need for plus size high heels and expanded my assortment accordingly - and many requests came in...

For professional reasons, I had to pause my online store from 2004 unfortunately for a long time and also on the market appeared more and more suppliers of high heels in plus sizes.

It was not until 2019 that I "revived" the business with plus sizes, first on eBay classifieds, and opened up new sources of supply on several continents.

2020 then followed the first contract manufacturing and 2021 I began manufacturing under its own label "Unisex Heels" and opened the online store of the same name at www.unsex-heels.de.

From 2022 now follows the expansion of the range to normal women's sizes and I hope to make many people happy with my shoes in the future.