1003 - High quality handmade high heels with real wooden sole, real leather and steel heel.


These elegant high heel mules with real wooden soles are the perfect choice for anyone looking for exceptional footwear. The high-quality leather upper is soft and comfortable, while the steel heel adds a touch of glamor with an impressive heel height of approximately 15cm and a platform of approximately 4.5cm.

These mules are available in a wide range of sizes from 37 to oversize 47 for men and women, providing a perfect fit for every foot shape. The wooden sole not only gives the shoes a rustic touch, but also ensures good stability and durability.

The combination of wood, leather and steel ensures a robust and durable design that at the same time impresses with its beauty and elegance. These high heel mules are perfect for special occasions and can be combined with many different outfits.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with these high heel mules with real wooden soles and show your personality through the eye-catching design and impressive heel height.