UNISEX HEELS - 2005 | High heel mules | handmade | small & large sizes | real wooden sole and real leather | Color Black | High heels platform | High shoes for everyone | Comfortable pumps


HIGH-QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - Our unisex high heels are handmade from real wood and the finest cowhide. We stand for high heels of the highest quality and a unique style for everyone.

COMFORTABLE FIT - Enjoy all-day comfort with anatomical midfoot support. Our shoes offer unparalleled comfort. Ideal high heels for all year round!

VARIETY OF SIZES - Discover our exclusive shoes in particularly large sizes, also for wider feet, as well as in small shoe sizes.

STYLISH ELEGANCE - Make a fashion statement with shoes from UNISEX HEELS that are not only comfortable, but above all also emphasize your personality and individuality.

UNISEX HEELS - For years we have stood for high-quality wearing comfort in large and small sizes for everyone. We rely on the highest quality and exclusivity, with a wide variety of models.

These open high heel clogs from UNISEX HEELS are the perfect accessory for all fashion-conscious people who are looking for stylish and comfortable shoes. Made from high-quality cowhide, the soft and comfortable upper part of these clogs offers excellent wearing comfort even for slightly wider feet. The special thing about the sole of this shoe is that it is made of glued laminated wood and thus the elegantly curved lines of the sole are shown to their best advantage. It is also anatomically adapted and therefore provides natural support for the arch of the foot. A wider sole in the ball area provides additional stability. With a heel height of approximately 13cm and a platform of approximately 3cm**, these shoes offer a perfect balance between height and comfort.

The elegant design of the UNISEX HEELS high heel clogs gives any outfit a luxurious touch and a slim look. The shiny rivets give the shoe that certain extra glamor and make it a real eye-catcher with its unique sole.

The shoes are available in sizes from 37 to oversize 47, so people of all ages and sizes can find the perfect pair. Whether for a night out on the town or for everyday use in the office, these high heel clogs are the perfect choice for people looking for style, comfort and quality.

The UNISEX HEELS high heel clogs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for natural arch support. The anatomically adapted wooden sole offers a natural and healthy fit and reduces the risk of pain and injuries in the foot area.

The high-quality cowhide leather and the solid wooden sole are made from sustainable raw materials and make these shoes a long-lasting and stylish investment that will give you years of enjoyment.

Whether you are looking for a special pair of shoes or want to enrich your wardrobe with new shoes, the high heel clogs from UNISEX HEELS are an excellent choice for anyone who values ​​stability, comfort and sustainability.